Friday, 27 March 2015

My Aunt Irene and I go back a long way.

It was Irene's birthday yesterday.  She had a grand time.

Her 90th birthday reminded me that she and I go back a long way -  in fact for almost seventy years.  Now there's a thought.

This photo' was taken at Irene's wedding in 1946

Irene is holding my twin sister Elizabeth.  I am being held by my Mum. Next to us is my late aunt Phyll, and her daughter, my cousin Rosemary.  Rosemary died in her early twenties because of Hodgkins Disease. In the second row you will see my sister Maureen (with a nice smile)  and next to her my sister Jean, peeking around the head of our Great-aunt Ada. My dad is in the back row on the right  (second person from the right)

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  1. Wonderful picture Uncle, thank you so much for sharing! I recognised Grandma immediately, she looks happy. This is I think the earliest picture I have ever seen of my Mum, thank you again.