Thursday, 26 March 2015

My Auntie Irene.

I had no aunts on my father's side (he was an only child).  The five aunts I had were "aunts by marriage" the wives of my mother's brothers.  (Mum had six brothers  (one of whom was killed in WWII), and one sister (who died (in the 1920's or 1930's?)  of what was then known as "lock-jaw" (tetanus poisoning).

Of the "aunts by marriage" the favourite was and is my Aunt Irene (my sole surviving Aunt)    She is a grand woman. 

(Irene has an niece by birth "Kippy" (Catherine), who lives on Staten Island.  Kippy is the daughter of Irene's only brother - a Merchant Marine whose ship was torpedoed in a war time North Atlantic convoy.  Kippy is also a wonderful person.  We share the same Aunt  Irene ( Kippy by birth and I by marriage) so we call each other "cousin".)

Dear and good Auntie Irene celebrated her 90th birthday today in her native city of Bristol, U.K..  She was surrounded by her family members -  each one loving her dearly.

The plan was that Auntie Irene and I would have a Skype video chat, but due to the imperfections of technology we could not make that contact.

I shared a few words with her via my cousin Janet's mobile phone, but the party was so lively that Irene could not hear me.

Ne'er mind,  I will chat with her on Friday 27th, the day after her achievement as a nonagenarian.

I  visited with dear Auntie Irene when I was in the U.K. last May/June. (And she has visited me more than once in the U.S.A.).

She is the only one of my aunts-by-marriage who truly cared for me (since my birth). I think of her with deep fondness and appreciation.  I wish that I could have been in Bristol today to raise a glass in her honour.

Irene's 90th  Photo' via her son Chris.

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