THIS IS GOOD: a follow up on my posting about Penne's rumpus with a dog named Sable.

I wrote this on Povey Prattle a few days ago.

"Sable" is a very nice looking Labradoodle  She walks with her owner a man named V. .......  But he and I know well enough to keep Sable and Penne at a safe distance, since Sable is a bit frisky, and Penne dislikes other female dogs.

V was away recently  (scuba diving in the Cayman Islands).   Sable was being taken care of by a house sitter/dog walker.  I did not immediately recognise the dog since she was not with her owner.

The dog sitter and I exchanged greetings, at a distance of about 4'.  Then Sable lunged at Penne -  so of course Penne lunged back.  Unfortunately Sable got scratched in this ten second kerfuffle.    The dog walker said  "too bad this happened, but Sable was the aggressor".

Now V wants me to pay half of the $500 veterinarian bill. Part of this bill was for the first set of stitches, and the other part because the slight wound had to be re-stitched after Sable bit away the first set of stitches.  (Now whose fault was that?)

Am I responsible for half of the amount?  I think not! 

I will send V. a cheque for a small amount as  a gesture of goodwill, but I am damned if I should feel responsible for half the total.


The follow up (and this is good).

On Monday I mailed a cheque for $75 to V, with a letter which said: "this is a goodwill gesture, and not an admission of responsibility".

I saw V this afternoon.  He said  "I will tear up your cheque.  I was so pleased  with your expression of goodwill.  The money is not important".

WOW  so there is neighbourliness after all!

I will respond with a gift to the Sarasota Humane Society in V's honour.


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