Six years on, and she's spoiled of course.

It was on March 24th 2009 that I adopted Penne via the Humane Society of Sarasota County.  She was then six or seven years old. She may be twelve or thirteen, but she has the energy of a young dog.

Our six year friendship has been an un-mitigated blessing for both of us. It "feels" like we have been together for far longer than six years.  I cannot imagine life without her.

I have been careful to ensure that she is not over-fed and thus over-weight, but I spoil her with well prepared food, served twice a day.

The basis is the Trader Joe brand canned food - "Lamb with rice and vegetables".  It's one of those canned foods in which you can indeed see some vegetables.

To that I add:  (1) a scrambled egg, (2) a few slices of  boiled sweet potato, (3)  a quarter of a cup or so of cooked chicken.

My veterinarian  noted recently that she is in good shape, and at the perfect weight for her size.

Penne loves to walk, so we get out for half mile walks at least five or six times a day.   Thus she is well known, and well liked in the neighbourhood.  One person said "your dog smiles when she is walking with you" -  I know what she meant.

And my dear dog is so well behaved, that she is always welcomed in the homes where I am a guest  (unless they also have a dog or two).

She has her favourite people.  One is my friend Bob Lewis -  he is very fond of her, and she knows it.

Penne gets excited when she sees a man named John S whom we encounter some days whilst walking.  Penne lifts up her head and quickens her pace when she sees him -   as you might guess,  that makes him happy.

Two doors away live my friends Ed and Eddie.   Penne is crazy about Ed, but not so much so about Eddie.

Penne often looks up their driveway, hoping to get a glimpse of her pal Ed.  The other day when I was delivering a magazine to "the Eds" Penne got excited when she heard someone coming out of the utility room.  Just as soon as she saw that it was Eddie, and not Ed - she did a 180 and began to walk away!

Penne is most crazy for Ron and Charlotte (her permanent dog sitters when I am away).  They came to my home last night for drinks and nibbles.  We were outside when they drive up the street. I am sure that Penne recognizes the sound of their car -  and she became ultra-excited when they drew near.  Then she raced from door to door as Ron and Char were getting out of their car.  She was barking her "happy bark" and could scarcely decide which one of them to greet first.

And indeed I often breathe a "thank you" to the Holy One for the gift of Penne and for  our mutual friendship.

Spoiled Penne


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