Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Day 2015

Note, of course, that it is Easter Day  (not Easter Sunday). 

By its very nature, the beginning of the Christian celebration of Easter is always on a Sunday  (the first day of the week), hence that great celebration is rightly called "Easter Day".

In the Anglican, Lutheran and Roman Catholic world (and maybe also in Eastern Orthodoxy) Easter is celebrated for fifty days,  (approximately 1/7th of the year) set apart to rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus.

Easter Day for me this year, (apart from necessaries such as dog walks)  went thus.


a one egg omelette, with one slice of low fat, low sodium ham.

Church at 7:45 a.m.: - 

We sang "Jesus Christ is risen today" - the popular choice  for Easter Day (but a rather dull hymn which goes one, and one and on  -  there are more joyful and spirited Easter Hymns) but "tradition "calls for "Jesus Christ is risen today" (which the old-timers can sing from memory).

We heard a seventeen minute sermon,  marked for the preacher's enthusiasm, but also for  his lack of a coherent exposition of the Resurrection story from John 20:1-18  (It was more of a pep-talk than a sermon).

But we heard the reading of that Gospel, and we shared in the sacred bread and wine -  and that was enough for me.


At home and alone, but oh so delicious:

Broiled Lamp tips, with home made mint sauce.

Boiled small potatoes ( a medley of  black, red, white, and purple spuds - courtesy of Trader Joes), and bathed with butter and parsley).

Sugar snap peas, (cooked well enough to be hot, but not so much that they lost their crunchy-ness).


A small slice of store bought rotisserie chicken breast.

Four very small and quartered "heritage" tomatoes  (red, orange, yellow and purple).

A few tablespoons of "five bean salad" (Paisley Farm brand, via Sam's Club).


Super food, fit for a queen, at church and at home.  What a privileged person I am.


In the meantime

Christians are marked for death in Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Kenya.

Jews are marked for nasty prejudice in some Western European countries.

Palestinians  ( Christian and Muslim) are marked for oppression by  Israeli security forces  in the West Bank/"Occupied  territories"  (part of Jordan until 1967).

Muslims are persecuted by Buddhists in Myanmar  (Burma).


I've had a great day with excellent food.

But if  "Jesus Christ is risen today",  why is the world in such a mess of ethnic and religious competition, rivalry, hatred,  and murderous violence?

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