Saturday, 11 April 2015

Poor Penne

It's allergy season again and poor Penne has developed all manner of hives and rashes, as she did at this time of year in 2014.

I recognized the symptoms so I immediately started giving her "Zyrtec", an over the counter anti-histamine, which can be used by canines as well as humans.

That was too late to prevent a nasty set of hot spots on her back.  Yesterday I managed to get a 5:00 p.m. appointment with Penne's veterinarian.  So Penne got shaved (she was cool about this as long as I cradled her head in my arms); was given a steroid shot; and sprayed with "gentamicin". 

I'll  continue with twice daily gentamicin sprays, and give her  a canine anti-biotic which I will get at the pharmacy today.

Luckily Penne is not licking the exposed hot spots, so she will not need to be a cone-head.

A sore end

A trusting face
My vet, Dr. Koch, has been in poor health for over a year. There are days on which he is well enough to work, and weeks when he is at home.  The practice continues to operate thanks to the excellent techies, and to locum vets.

Penne saw one of these locums yesterday, Dr. Jackson.     I was immediately impressed with the warmth of her personality, and her utterly professional manner.

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