Root Canal 23rd April: I am fortunate.

I met with Dr. Raul Ortiz, and yes, I do need a root canal.   Before you  "aargh" do note that modern dentistry is remarkably skillful, and that a root canal is to be preferred over an extraction. I do not anticipate pain, simply a bit of discomfort.

I liked Dr. Ortiz, he has a relaxed and gentle manner, and a nice sense of humour. I am confident in his skills.

To root canal has been postponed until 23rd April because on 15th April I will undergo a minor surgical procedure  (nothing even vaguely life-threatening) , which itself will result in a bit of discomfort for about a week.

The dentistry will cost $1,023.  I am fortunate in that my dental insurance will cover 85%, so my co-pay will be about $150.

When I think about the expenses of running a modern endodontics office:  up-to- date equipment, sterilization of instruments, rent, salaries for the dentist's well trained and qualified assistants, and salaries for the staff needed to run the office ( making appointments and follow-up calls, and taking care of billing and insurance reimbursements), plus a bit of money for the endodontist!  I do not think that $1023 is excessive.

I am one of the fortunate who live in a city with an abundance of medical professionals in very field.

I am one of the fortunate who has first class dental insurance.

But I cannot face this procedure without a thought for those who do not have dental insurance; and for those who live in the "medically under served" areas of our cities; and for those who live in rural areas -  far from the nearest clinics and hospitals.  For many of these folks, dental care is an unaffordable luxury.  Their poor dental health leads, of course, to many other health problems.

I am fortunate.


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