Friday, 6 November 2015

Another great day for my folks

My sisters and their husbands went out to the Myakka River State Park today.

They rejoiced in the flora and fauna (who wouldn't?)

Sadly they arrived there too late for an Air-boat ride.  But they enjoyed the Park so much that they plan to return there next Monday so that they will be able to cruise the Lake in an Air-boat and blow kisses to the alligators.

This evening I took myself to the Condo I had rented for them at the Crescent Arms, right on Crescent Beach (woot woot!)

My sisters (Maureen and Jean) prepared  a delicious  supper/dinner of cold roasted chicken (which they had cooked wrapped with bacon (!) and the fixin's. Such gorgeous food.

But just before dinner my brothers-in-law Bern (Maureen's  spouse) , and  John (Jean's husband) and I walked down to Crescent Beach  to enjoy the sunset.  Such gorgeous glory.

Back at dinner the five of us had some serious chat, but then we all got to be silly, very silly.  We got into that helpless laughter which often creates an urgent need to rush to the loo.  Such gorgeous fun.

Maureen and Jean watch us from the condo

Bern and John getting ready to swim to Cuba

Jogger in silhouette as we say au revoir to old Sol.

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