Monday, 2 November 2015

They are here!

Mys two older sisters, Maureen and Jean, with their respective husbands Bern and John are here.

After long and safe flights from the U.K. they arrived in Tampa late last night.  I had reserved rooms for them at the Marriott, so they could tumble into bed within minutes of retrieving their bags.

(There is a story about the Marriott messing up the reservations, but that can wait for one of my whiny days).

I had advised them not to spend $18 each each for the Marriott buffet breakfast, so I arrived with hard boiled eggs, soft buttered rolls, bananas, and strong "English Breakfast Tea" in a flask.  That went over well -  especially the good tea.

I'd rented a mini-van  (2016  Chrysler Town and Country) so that their ride from TPA - SRQ  would be comfortable.

I'd left SRQ in more than good time -  just as well, 'cause there was bumper-to-bumper traffic  on I-275 North from just before the  Tropicana Field exit,all the way up to the Gandy Blvd. exit.

There had not been an accident.  It was simply a matter of there being too much traffic on a section of I-275 which has far too many exits and entrances.

By 11:30 a.m.  I had them safely ensconced in their rented condo at the Crescent Arms on Midnight Pass Road,

They were delighted with the condo (as well they should have been) - it's beach-front at Crescent Beach!

I left them to unpack (having stocked the condo with essential comestibles for lunch and breakfast).

Then I had a quick visit to my home:  to take Penne for a pee-walk; then to have a ham roll for my lunch; then to return my rental to the airport at SRQ - after which I went to Publix to get some food for supper.

By 5:00 p.m.  I was back at Crescent Arms to drive my folks to my home for a simple supper, and  more importantly to make sure that my U.K. family members met my U.S.A family -  Penne, Ada and Adelaide.

Maureen, Bern, Jean and John enjoyed the food I had prepared.    More importantly they delighted in my pets.  (They have their priorities right!)

Now, at 9:22 p.m.,  I am exhausted, and ready for bed (no time for any naps today).

It is a joyful exhaustion.  I am so happy to have family members in town, ready to share in my life in SRQ.

Laus Deo Semper

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