Saturday, 7 November 2015

More fun today - Toot, toot toot goes the whistle

I had a surprise for Maureen, Bern, Jean and John today. I had refused to tell them what we were doing.

 I drove them up to Parrish, FL for a visit to the Florida Rail Road Museum see  - this was the surprise.

Bern is a train buff!

We had a train ride, and  trundled along on a twelve mile section of track through rural Florida, seeing woods, marshes, vegetable fields and orange groves (and scarcely a building of any sort).

At the end of the ride the yard engine which was pulling us was decoupled, and then moved to the back of the train to pull us home to Parrish.

On the way out we sat in a "Gondola Car"  (a converted cattle car!).  On the way back we sat in air-conditioned comfort in a former privately owned carriage.

It all made for a pleasant little excursion - a nice way to relax, to see some undeveloped Florida, and while away a few hours on an unseasonably  hot November day in South West Florida.

(And of course, in utterly English tradition, I took a flask of good hot tea!)

Jean, John, Maureen, Bern

Bern and Maureen in the Gondola Car

Jean and John in the Gondola Car

Richard, Nick, Louise, Emma, Anne -  YOUR MOTHERS IN SHORTS!!!

Gondola Car  (not my photo')

Yard Engine (not my photo')

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