Tuesday, 3 November 2015

I can be petty.

I live in a "community" with 198 units.  It is called Glen Oaks Ridge Condominiums.

I have some splendid neighbours.

But there are others, male and female, who are the fonts of nosiness and gossip.

These are the folks who want to be the first to learn about changes (or apparent changes) in the lives of their neighbours.

These are the folks who delight in passing on information about the lives of their neighbours; whether this information be true, false, slanderous, or silly.

These are the folks who would love to know that I, or another resident had changed the brand of the bathroom tissue/toilet paper of our choice, and who then passed this word around, with a question as to why this might be.

"Hey, did you know that Michael Povey is now using Charmin instead of Cottonelle.  I wonder why?"

One such neighbour brings out my inner irritation, .  To put in bluntly she is damn nosy!

In this example the nosy one  happens to be a "she".    It could well have been a "he".

SO  -  the other day, as I was walking away from my home  (Penne in tow), she was walking toward me.

We said "hi", and she asked  (sans context) "is that yours?".

"Is what mine?" I asked.

She replied "the car in your driveway".

"Of course it is" I said.

"Oh" she replied "so are you having some work done?": - meaning "if your car in the driveway and not in the car port, do you have a tradesman working in your home?" . ... "and if that is the case, what are you having done". 

 SUB  TEXT  "so that I will be the first to know, and be the one who passes the word around".)

At that I got snippy.   I wanted to say:   "why does this  matter to you ?"

Instead I spat out, with no grace whatsoever,  "my car is there because I needed to sweep my car-port".  Then I stalked away with unpleasant words in my mind.

Following that, my petty mind has had a field day.

On Sunday morning she (and it could have been a he)  would have seen my 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe in the car port.

Come Sunday afternoon she would have seen the 2016 Chrysler Town and Country which I had rented in order to drive my folks from TPA to their Siesta Key condo.

Today she would have seen the Fiat 500 which I have rented so that my four family members can have the use of my Santa Fe

MY VERY PETTY SELF IS HAVING A BALL as I think about the various speculative thoughts which could be running through her mind.


THIS ALL GOES TO SHOW that I am not a  very nice person.

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