Saturday, 28 January 2017

From an immigrant to his American Muslim friends

I am that immigrant, first a Green Card holder, and later a Citizen.  The United States has been good for me, and to me. I am a Christian.

Now I worry for my fellow immigrants (who are legally here, with Green Cards or as Naturalised Citizens) and who are Muslims.

The apparently "off the cuff" Executive Order  regarding immigrants from certain Muslim majority countries is creating ghastly ramifications, as identified by

Many leaders of "high/tech/silicon valley" Companies know this.

* A former British Foreign Secretary who said (wisely) "you do not make immigration policy out of campaign slogans".

* A former U.S, Ambassador to both Mexico and Iraq (he served under George W. Bush [R], who laments that we are breaking solemn promises we made to those Iraqis who worked for and with the U.S.A.

* My personal friends who are (1) Immigrants, (2) Citizens and (3) American Muslims, in particular the Asghar family:.

Dear Asghar Family,

I am honoured to know you.    I am happy that you contribute so much to the United States. You are noble Citizens.  You are faithful Muslims.    For this I am grateful.

I would hazard a guess that you are a wee bit afraid  because of the anti-Muslim, dangerous and irrational feelings and actions which the President's Executive Order has stroked.

God forbid that you should be in danger in this "land of the free, and home of the brave" simply and solely because of your religion.

I will do my best to "have your backs"

Your Christian friend,

J. Michael Povey

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