Sunday, 22 January 2017

They marched for all of us.

They marched for all of us

Women's marches took place today in at least 70 countries.

The turn out in many American cities was phenomenally high.

These women (and men) were marching for all of us.  Their message was positive, important and utterly necessary.

They were Jewish, Muslim, and Christian women.  They were atheist and agnostic women.  They were black, brown and white. women. They were young and old, straight and gay women. They were Republicans and Democrats. They were "none of the above".

Their uniting message was utterly congruent with words from the Episcopal Church's Book of Common Prayer:- it was "to respect the dignity of every human being".  

Thus they marched for all of us.

Insofar as these marches were a protest against THE CHILD, it is because in his campaign, and now in the early days of his Presidency, he has miserably failed to respect the dignity of many human beings.

The opposite is the case.  His life and words have been intentionally disrespectful (and that's too mild a word) to those who have dared to cross him, and especially to women.

He has chosen to be petulant, untruthful and self referential.  ( For example, see the Video of  his visit to the CIA headquarters on 21st  January.)

His  is not the way of faith for those who are  Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, or Islamic, etc. etc.

It  is not the way of decency for those who have a religious faith as well as  for those who are agnostic, indifferent to religion, or atheistic.


 I  know many of the women who marched.

Here are the names of some of my friends who marched,  I  honour and respect them and their witness.

Rachel E, Lydia E, Signe S, Colleen B, Barbara K, Roberta C., Meghan T.B., Kathy B, Laura S, Martha F. Rebekah B, Olivia S, India D, Frances B, Kim H, Tinka B, Elizabeth H, Sarah F, Mary C, Miryam J, Paula J, Amy McC, Michelle H, Susan R. Kate H, Judy W, Judy B, Katie M, Tracey W-M, Molly T-P,   


Timothy L, Joshua L, Tom C, Steve K, Kevin T.

Boston, MA

Montpelier, VT

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