Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Pick up your 'phone. Make that call.

I've had two 'phone calls from old friends in the space of four days.

First was Joe R.  -  I have known him since 1980.

Then there was Joe S. -  I met him in 1984.

They are very dear friends,but we do not chat often enough.

It was such a boost to my morale and spirits to hear from both Joes in recent days.  They called "just to keep up", i,e, just to sustain our friendships- separated as we are by many miles.

I was heartened, and tickled pink to hear from these two buddies Joe R and Joe S.

Do it will you!  Call an old friend, not with an agenda, but simply for the pleasure of hearing her/his voice.

Pick up your 'phone.  Make that call!

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