Monday, 23 January 2017

I "hated" it when I was a child. Now I long for it.

If you are British and of my generation (born 1944) you may well remember being force fed with Tapioca pudding.

We were served it at school lunches  (we called it "Frog's Eggs"), and our Mums made it.  (At least they allowed us to stir in a spoonful of jam to make it more palatable).

We hated it!

Last week, sixty or more years on, I found myself "longing" for Tapioca Pudding.

I went shopping.

Our local (SRQ) supermarkets used to carry a Kraft brand Instant Tapioca Pudding.

.Not any more, unless I have been searching all the wrong aisles at Publix, Winn-Dixie and Walmart,


I tried ready made puddings such as this

but I have to say that they lacked a certain je ne sais quoi.


I do not give up easily, so I took myself to a "healthy food" store in search of Tapioca,  It's a great place.

But then I had a brain-fart.  I told the more than helpful staff member that I was looking for SEMOLINA rather than TAPIOCA.

(Yes, we also ate Semolina Pudding when I was young).

Can you make Semolina Pudding with Semolina Flour?

Who knows?  

So I will persist and order Tapioca Buds on-line.

Then I will make Tapioca Pudding from scratch.

Then I will discover (maybe) that I do not like it after all!

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