Another Sarasota Gem

This morning Z. and I took a walk at Sarasota's Bayfront Park.  It's a delightful place, and a good reminder that our city is in truth centred on Sarasota Bay.

(I venture to say that eight out of ten of my friends have never heard of Bayfront Park, yet alone walked there.  They drive everywhere, to the homes of their friends, to the shops, to the restaurants, to the movies, symphony, opera, theatre etc and in doing so they miss our walking gems such as Bayfront, Arlington and Ken Thompson parks.)

My park walks are good in themselves.  They have an added bonus because I get to meet and greet utter strangers.  In that meeting and greeting we help to create a lubricant for the improvement of civil society.  'Tis vital.

Here are some photo's from this morning.

The couple walking together are a son (Michael) and his mother (May).  We chatted for a while, and the Mum called us "the three M's".  She was amused when I said that not only did I share a name with her son, but that I was born in the month of May. 

Note the fancied up decorative bike.

As we walked through the formal archway which marks the entrance to Bayfront Park we encountered two pleasant women who were handing out those somewhat simplistic "Gospel Tracts"  (showing "the way of salvation") - tracts which I used to hand out when I was a teenager, I flipped through one whilst saying "I am a believer".  The older of the two began her spiel, then she heard my words.  That enabled us to alleluia together.  (Perhaps I do not believe in the same way as she, but the alleluia were good!)

Alleluias done I saw another woman.  

She was carrying a banner in support of our Florida ballot question which (if it succeeds) will abolish Greyhound racing in this State.

I called out a hearty "yes", and gave her the thumbs up. Zion approved!

In these Bayfront Park  meetings and greetings we helped  to create a lubricant for the improvement of civil society.  'Tis vital.


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