Saturday, 17 November 2018

A Splendid Breakfast

Some may remember my story of my visit to Lowestoft, Suffolk when I was about ten years old.

Lowestoft (which was then, but is not not now, a relatively prosperous east coast fishing port) was my mother's birthplace.  

We went there to visit her (maternal) Aunt Ada and Ada's second husband Jim.

The 253 or so miles journey from my home town of Bristol, U.K. by coach (long distance 'bus) via London took all of twelve hours.

On my first morning at Aunt Ada and Uncle Jim's home I came down the stairs to be greeted by a sweet smell.  Aunt Ada was cooking **bloaters for breakfast on her old fashioned coal fired range.


I was hooked!  Nothing like a bit of fish  (bloaters, kippers, smoked salmon etc.) for breakfast.

A local SRQ market has been selling another kind of fish -  North Atlantic Hake.

I've never before seen it in an American market, but when I was a kid it was thought to be a somewhat upscale alternative to Cod in the local fish and chip stores.

I like Hake!

So I bought 3lbs of it at a very reasonable price for ocean fish ($6 per pound).

I cut and froze the fillets into one person meal sized portions.

And with my first fish breakfast (Lowestoft, more than sixty years ago) in mind I had Hake for breakfast today.  

Baked hake and poached eggs with a couple of slices of sweet and juicy heirloom tomato for a garnish.


(Eat your hearts out General Mills, Kellogg's, and C.W. Post!)

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