Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Fat Boy

When Zion adopted me back in January 2018 he weighed 50 lbs.

No doubt he was underweight, having spent many weeks as a stray in Lafayette, Louisiana; and in shelters in Lafayette and in Sarasota, Florida.

He and I were at the HSSC Veterinarian Clinic today to pick up some anti-flea meds.  Just for the sake of it I took him to the scale where I found out that he now weighs 73 lbs.

Fat Boy

Oh dear.  Despite our many daily long walks (most days 100 minutes in total) my dear boy is a bit over weight.  In the long term this is not good for his health.  And I want him to be my best pal for the long term.

The Veterinarian technician recommended that I should cut down on Zion's twice daily portions of kibble, whilst adding cooked carrots or green beans to fill his belly without adding calories.

Of course I will do this for the health and benefit of my best pal. 

I cannot imagine life without him.

It would also be good for me to move t'wards a more vegetable centred diet.

We all know that a healthy diet is more efficacious for weight loss than an "ton" of exercise.

'Tis true, no doubt about it.

But who can measure the emotional and spiritual benefits of a long walk with a beloved pooch?

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