Sunday, 11 November 2018

Well I never: I am an "American Commie"

I enjoyed my Sunday morning  walk at Arlington Park with my friend and neighbour Barbara B. (and Zion of course).

As we got back to the parking lot we met a forty something man with his lovely and lively two years old Golden Retriever, named Aspen.

Zion and Aspen did their thing  (lots of bum sniffing!). 

We chatted to the man about the dogs and about the wonderful Arlington Park. 'Twas good.

Our conversation moved to Veterans Day.

Then out of the blue the Aspen's owner said "American Commies hate Veterans day and all Veterans".

I had some idea as to what he meant so I retorted "I've never met an American Commie".

He replied "I mean the Dems". 

I said " I am a Democrat".

Barbara said "I am a Democrat".

The man snorted.  Barbara, Zion and I went back to my car. There I let loose a string of expletives which I will not post here!

Shades of these great "patriots"


How I wish that I'd had the presence of mind to tell Aspen's owner that I (a proud Democrat)  had plans to visit two of my veteran friends on Sunday and Monday .

(a) Captain John "Jack"  Chrisman (aged 85)  (U.S. Navy, ret). (today- Sunday 11th). I did so, and toasted his health.

(b) Betty Mullen (aged 94) a WWII Marine Veteran. She and I will raise a glass on Monday 12th in honour of Veterans. 

'Tis amazing how "American Commies" such as I (a.k.a. Democrats) can honour  military veterans.

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