Friday, 25 October 2019

Donuts (Doughnuts) in the park at 8:00 a.m. today.

An unexpected treat!

If you follow my blog closely you will remember that one of the joys of my early morning walks at Arlington Park,  is that Zion and I often meet two families who walk out in the Park with their children,  before the children go to school.

There is Alexis, her Mum and Dad and  their dog "Axel".

And there is Isaac, his Mum, and their dog "Tucky".

I had a special need to meet them this morning (25th Oct), because I had a gift for each family.

I was at there a wee bit early this morning, so I had to hang around a bit before the two families stepped out.

Zion and I waited. First on the scene was Isaac ( a fifth grader?) and his Mom.

Isaac was so excited.  He and his Mum had bought donuts,  in the hope that we could sit down at a park bench and enjoy them,  Indeed we did  -  see:

Mine was a canoli donut  (but without chocolate)

What's better is that Isaac's father, another Michael, also arrived so that he could meet the famous  Zion, and watch Isaac doing so well as he learns to skateboard

Alexis, Axel and their parents were also a bit late, but not too late to get their gift from me.

The gift for both families? - the  remaining bananas  from the trove I'd been given the other day  - all bagged up for convenience 

They were well received by both families; and also earlier in the morning when I'd  some to Bob and Sue,  friends but not a couple, who I  meet in my early walk most mornings at Bayfront Park.

Whoop dee do.  A great day of giving and receiving.

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