Urban beauty at dawn.

At 6:30 a.m. today Zion and I drove from my home to Bradenton's River Walk, alongside the Manatee River.   (Zion had no choice in the matter!)

It's a fifteen mile drive but well worth it, to enjoy a walk alongside the river just before dawn.

Here are some photo's I took this morning.

Dad, please get a move on

Children's Park

Fishing Pier

The single track rail road, between Port Manatee and the Tropicana processing plant in Bradenton, Fl

The Drawbridge on the cross river was up.

But I watched it go down, and then waited (for about twenty minutes)  to see the train come through,

Here comes the train!

As I wait for the train, Zion (with great patience) waits for me

So much nearer. We all love trains!

Have no idea what this is.  But maybe Zion jerked my arm as I was taking a photo'


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