From Miss Pollyanna Ostrich: It's all very dismal and exhausting...

What is dismal and exhausting is the way in which the American  Government has lurched from crisis to crisis since 2008.

Maybe the U.S.A. has become as ungovernable as Greece, or Italy, or Iraq, or Somalia,  Who'd have thunk that?

But there are worlds beyond Washington D.C.  or Wall Street.  After all  I am Miss Pollyanna Ostrich  (maybe!)

  In my world  -  the world of religion/faith/belief (whatever?)  I see stuff which the Congress and Wall Street are too blinded by their  pride to see. 


1.  The exhausted old women and men who will not allow the Diocese  to close down their declining Church,  because it has a food pantry and a day care centre for wee children.

2.  The stubborn Nuns who insist that rapists and murderers on death row are children of God.

3. The tough women who care for 15 year old girls who are pregnant AND terrified.

4.  The republican minded business men who spend their spare time building homes with "Habitat for Humanity"

5.  The strong men who mentor young boys who have never known a father.

6. The coalitions of Jews, Muslims and Christian who work for justice

7. The volunteers who serve hungry and homeless people, respecting their human dignity and pride.

The list goes on (you will  have your own ) and it's never enough but Miss Pollyanna Ostrich is choosing to start this day with a word of hope.


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