Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Sound of Silence

It was probably back in 2004 or 2005 that I took two groups of young adults at St. James's, Cambridge, MA out to dinner in Boston's North End.

The young adults were those who were graduating from High School that year, and those who were already away at College but were home for the summer break.

I ate with  two groups on two separate evenings to accommodate the various schedules of these fabulous young adults.  

As it happened, at the first dinner I was seated next to graduating High School Senior Joe H at the first dinner.  If Calvin Coolidge was "silent Cal", Joe H was "silent, silent Joe".

In due course Joe H spoke to me.  He said "I bet you wish that you were not sitting next to me, because I rarely talk".

I responded with  "I am so happy to be seated next to you, for you have the gift of listening unlike people like I who are always talking".

I meant it.  As a talker I am in awe of the listeners.


Oh yes I am a talker!

It was probably in the same year that I drove from Cambridge, MA to  Granby, MA  to spend some time with my friends Joe and Dee.

We sat on a poolside deck, sipping lemonade.

After about 35 minutes I said  "I think that I am a talker".
Dee responded  "Yes indeed Michael, you have been talking non stop for two and a half hours".

Dee was right!


Oh yes,  I am a talker especially in a group of two, three, or four others.

Oh yes, I am a talker when I on a podium, platform or pulpit.


But Oh yes,  I am not a talker when I am a large social gathering, or at a Church coffee hour.  In those places I become incredibly shy and lonely, and I haven't a clue as to what I should talk about.


It has been a  non-talking day.  My only conversations have been with the clerks/assistants at my local Supermarket and at "Holistic for Pets";  plus a wee chat with a Librarian at the Sarasota County "North Library".


Thus I have been in a listening mode.  I have heard two "voices".

One, from deep within, has said "jmp you are a worthless piece of merde" .

Another, from deep without, has said "that may or may not be true, but you are loved eternally by the Eternal Lover"



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