Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bye Bye dear old H.P.

My malfunctioning  old HP  desktop computer has been in a repair shop since Sept 20th.

At first the repair shop folks and I thought that we were dealing  with little more than a faulty power supply.

Now the repair  shop  folks, (having installed a new power supply system) tell  me that there are also  problems with the motherboard and the hard-drive

I have no reasons to disbelieve them:

First they did not lure me into buying expensive replacement parts.

Second they will carefully recycle the component parts.

So this sad blog comes to you via my cheap and slow and simple Gateway Notebook.
And I'll have to wander around various stores  on  Thursday 3rd as I search for an inexpensive replacement for my dead HP desktop.  It will most likely be a laptop,


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