Friday, 4 October 2013

Darn! Dash! how very embarrassing

So, my old HP  desktop having been consigned to the computer re-cycling centre, I was in the market for something new.

I settled on a T-shiba lap-top at B-st B-y.  The price was right, and Gracie the employee  who attended to me knew her onions (or her megabytes).

Darn it all, I know nothing about the Horse Power of this T-shiba "Satellite" - but it is incredibly fast.

 I've had to adjust to a new Micr-soft system (designed by the Gates of Hell to be very confusing) - but that's part of the fun, and "sorting things out" keeps me out of trouble.

I had to provide a wealth of personal information to Micr-soft before the machine would open. 

This did not include my inside leg measurement -  but for those of you who worry about such things, it is 29".   (and it's almost impossible to buy pants/trousers in that size) --- but I digress.

Micr-soft also made me create a new password in order to boot up this new machine.  Their instructions were clear and non-negotiable (just like the Tea Party)  viz, Two upper case letters, two lower case letters, two numerals, and two symbols.

I rose to the challenge after deep and profound prayer (oh yeah?) and created a unique and impenetrable password  - writing down  every upper case and lower case letter, every numeral, and every symbol.  Good job Pove! 

Later in the day I tried to log on using the password which I had so carefully written down.  In fact I tried eighty seven and a half times, with no success.

So I set off  to B-st B-y -   breathing threats and slaughtering.  I was already to demand that I be up-graded to a far superior touch screen lap-top (free of charge)  since they had clearly sold me a piece of merde.

The young man at the Geek Squad desk (yes, he was young enough to be my grand-son) listened patiently as I described the problem.

He tried 42 times ( pardon my slight exaggeration) to log on, using the password that I had so carefully written down -  all to no avail.

So he came up with his trump card, saying "we can restore this computer to the factory settings in 48 hours"

Even as my lower lip trembled I agreed to this restoration.

But on the cusp of leaving my new child in B-st B-y hands I had a new thought. "What" I wondered "if I have developed late onset dyslexia?' 

I offered this theory to the young geek.  "Try" I said "entering LMml  instead of MLlm".  (These are not the actual letters).

Goodness gracious it worked like a charm.  Yes indeed I had reversed the letters.

The young geek was utterly delighted that the problem had been solved.

I walked out of B-st B-y with my tail between my legs.

I am a certifiable old duffer



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  1. I am not at all sure that I can successfully post a comment but I'll try! This is one of your very best blog entries! From another aging senior who calls her grandson on the phone to get her out of trouble...Sarah-Septuagenarian