Tuesday, 1 October 2013

To my good friends who are Republicans

Hi Republican Friends:

We know each other.  We respect each other. We care for each other.

We enjoy  these gifts of gracious relationships despite our political differences.  That's so good!

I am of the opinion that the governmental shut down is un-necessary.  I am grateful for all the good things which come my way via the USA government.

Perchance you disagree!  That's fine   -  we can still be friends.

Nevertheless I beg you to think about the ordinary people   the "hoi polloi"  who serve our beloved United States in various governmental offices.  They are folks just like you and me.

But their economic and social welfare is at risk.

Without a regular pay check they may well have to choose between food on the table and the mortgage/rent payment.

Do you as faithful Republican and Christian believers  think that this is a  good and equal choice?

I beg you my compatriot and Republican  Christian sisters and brothers  to do all that you can to change this matter, especially  by contacting your local Republican Rep.  and asking him/her to vote in favor of the continuing budget resolution, in order that the last and the least (who work so hard in governmental service)  will  be paid  in an honest and faithful way.

As you do so please move from political theory into everyday life  and remember   my friends Tom Benson (a government lawyer) and Meghan Benson (together with their two  young children) whose income will be decimated because of republican/tea party orthodoxies,

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