Sunday, 18 September 2016

So, instead of Bread and Wine. it was Biscuits with Gravy this morning.

Regular readers will know that I goofed-off from attending Church this morning. You can have too much of a good thing!

Instead I went out for breakfast with five good pals.

Although I have lived in the South  (of the U.S.A.) for more than ten years I have never eaten a staple of Southern breakfasts, i.e. "Biscuits with Gravy".  


( I suspect that this article tells the truth, but not the whole truth.  My intuition leads me to believe that "Biscuits with Gravy" was first developed by slaves, and later by black share-croppers -  a meal rich in carbs and fat to set a person up for hard labour in the Plantations and later in the meager plots alloted to share-croppers).

(How often we air-brush out from our tales of American history the experience, customs and cuisine of Slaves, and that of former slaves after emancipation (if there ever was complete emancipation).)

So I had my first ever Biscuits with Gravy today at a local Cafe.

Stock photo'  -  not a pic of my breakfast.

The gravy was delicious.  

The biscuit was a bit flat and dense.  I had anticipated a more granular and crumbly biscuit,  But I ate and enjoyed it, with a tasty side of sausage patties.

Ten hours later I am still "full up".  Those creators of Biscuits with Gravy as a morning meal were on to something wise and delicious as the first meal of the day, sustenance for twelve or so hours of toil in the fields and plantations.


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