So long Ada

I'd noted that my sixteen years old cat Ada was getting very skinny. At the end of August  I took her to the Veterinarian who, (after taking blood and urine samples and having them tested), determined that she was suffering from Hyper-active Thyroid syndrome (quite common in older cats).

I decided not to place her on meds.  (which would have ameliorated but not cured her condition).

Since Labor Day I have lavished her with love and attention, and given her every bit of food she wanted.

Last Sunday I noted that her condition had declined and that she was under stress, and therefore distressed.

So today I allowed the Veterinarian to administer first a sedative, and then that "shot" which would end her life.

The Veterinarian and the Technician were so sweet and gentle.  I hugged and caressed Ada through the sedative shot, but did not stay with her to "the end".

I'd thought that I would cry.  I didn't, but I am very sad.

When Ada came to live with me (2007?) she was shy and skittish.  She would hide under my bed when visitors arrived.

Once she knew that she was in a safe place she blossomed. and insisted that it was the duty of any and all visitors to pick her up and lavish her with attention .

She became an important part of the Sarasota Povey family:-  Jmp, and  Penne (the best dog in the Universe!), and Adelaide, (my other beautiful black cat).

I know that I made the best decision today.  I am not weepy, but I am sad.

Even as I write this Adelaide  is demanding special attention as only cats can!  She will get it!


Sweet Ada the other day, aged 16.  Down to 4 1/2 lbs. from her normal 10 lbs.


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