Monday, 22 January 2018

The Dog of the Month Club (or "Meeting Mr.Perfect")

First, a wee word about my post surgery health.  My strength is back and I can now cough without hurting. My appetite is returning. I had a yen for comfort food today, so I  made mac and cheese with meatballs for lunch (so unhealthy and so good). I see the Vascular Surgeon again on Wednesday.  

Yesterday I wrote a blog about the preparations I have made for when I die.  Two dear friends commented (tongue in cheek)  that they like my dog blogs much better.  I am happy to oblige! And I promise that I will not talk again about Zion for at least twenty four hours.  😛


I visited my friend Bob L at his Retirement Community last Saturday.

I told him that I would be adopting Zion that day.

"Oh" he said (with a twinkle in his eye), "so you are still a member of the Dog of the Month club".

If you know my history with Ben the Greyhound and Izzy the Catahoula Leopard Dog you will get his humour!  


Now I have a new name for Zion.  It is "Mr. Perfect".

I am so blessed.  

* He responds perfectly to instructions.

* He walks well without pulling on the leash.

* He is house trained.

* He is very responsive to to command to sit or to ait

* He loves people.

* He is so very comfortable and happy with other dogs.

* He wants to be near me at all times.

* He is laid back and "gentle to the max"

I even allow him to sleep on the sofa.

In short, he is "Mr. Perfect", bringing so much joy to my life.

Good Lord above, I am so blessed to have Zion as my new and bestest canine friend.

Sadly my nosey parker and  opinionated neighbor B.I. ( a very lapsed pre-Vatican II  Catholic) told me that she did not like the name "Zion" because it is too Jewish. I wanted to ":take her on " but in the presence of another R.C. neighbour  I reminded  her that Jesus,Mary, Peter and Paul were Jews.

I break all the rules and allow Zion to rest and sleep on the sofa.

I took Zion to visit my friend Charlotte this afternoon. He shamelessly rolled over so that she could rub his belly. 

Char's brother in law Den is a bit afraid of dogs. But despite his face,  he loved it when Zion craved his attention.  Den's wife Karen looks om.

 I am one lucky son of a gun.  Zion is a joy and delight.

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