Final Travelogue SAN ANTONIO good friends and a fine City

I spent my final two days in Texas as a guest of Ward and Kelley Symons.

Ward grew up in Fitchburg MA where I was the Rector at the Church of the Good Shepherd, 1976-1980

By that time he had already flown the coop, but I knew and liked his parents Les and Jesse Symons.

Sorry, no picture of Kelley -  it will come later. But know that she makes the most  fabulous Apple Pie!

Kelley and Ward were good enough to invite their neighbours Vicki Chew and Sherri Lipper for dinner on my first evening.

Don't tell Zion, but I had an affair with Vicki and Sherri's gorgeous Doberman,  "Bella".

  Bella 1

Bella 2


Of course you cannot be in San Antonio without a visit to the Alamo Mission.

"Remember the Alamo" of course, but  recall that it was the scene of a Mexican victory against the expansionist Americans who were bound and determined to conquer and subdue Texas - then a part of Mexico.

In due course the Americans succeeded. First there was the quasi independent Republic of Texas,  which later became the present day U.S. State of Texas.

When I first spotted the upper stories of this building I thought that it was a Cathedral.

Turns out that it is the Emily D (West) Morgan Hotel  -  good golly,  those Victorians knew how to build magnificent public and private buildings, this being a great example.

It is named for Emily Morgan, allegedly "The Yellow Rose of Texas"

The story of Emily (West) Morgan as the Yellow Rose of Texas is almost certainly phony-baloney  (look her up on a reputable historical site), but the myth remains - and the Hotel which bears her name is an utterly lovely piece of Victorian architecture.


Then there is the famous San Antonio River Walk.  This was originally a 1939 W.P.A. flood control scheme.

The denizens of San Antonio turned a WPA sow's ear into a silk purse.

It's now a great urban park.

I was there the day after St. Patrick's Day - when the River had been coloured green.

Of course I took the 30 minute "touristy" boat ride  (I was a tourist after all!) in a electrically powered vessel  (no noise and no air pollution).

Ward Symons and I ate lunch at the deservedly famous River Walk restaurant

Great food in a fabulous restaurant.


I very much liked San Antonio and would be happy to return there some day.


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