Three dreadful Parliaments - England, Scotland, the United Kingdom.

1. English Parliament  1648  "The Rump Parliament"

In which the English Parliament, having been purged of quasi-Royalists, manipulated the stage to allow for the trial of King Charles I, his being found guilty of treason, and his subsequent execution.  Regicide


2. Scottish Parliament 1707

In which the Scottish Parliament - utterly cash strapped - voted itself out of business.  Henceforth Scottish M.P.'s sat in the Westminster Parliament. (Selling one's soul for a mess of pottage?)

Old Parliament Hall, Edinburgh.
After the death of the English Queen Elizabeth I , the Stuart  King James VI of Scotland also became King James I of England. 

The subsequent Stuart Monarchs were Kings of Scotland and of England (one head, two crowns), until the Reign of Queen Anne, during which the Scottish Parliament was abolished, and the crowns were merged - hence the United Kingdom.  

(First the United Kingdom of Great Britain, then the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, now the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).


3.  The current parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The most dreadful, divided, and inept U.K. parliament in my lifetime.  The Brexit nonsense, (a foolish and dangerous concept from the beginning) has deeply divided the people of my homeland, and has led to a an infertile and barren parliament.

Yesterday (27th March 2019) the U.K. Parliament voted on eight "indicative" resolutions (akin to  a straw poll) with various BREXIT options.  Not one of them gained a majority.


A quotation from an American journalist, as published in the  London Guardian newspaper, sums it up.

"Is there a word for something that has passed through farce and tragedy like nine times already?” 


My native land (which I love), and my adopted land (which also has my heart) are both riven by destructive and dangerous divisions.



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