Good folks. Good food.

I had lunch today with my dear friends Pat and Jack McLaughlin (ex Pittsfield, MA, and now Nashua, N.H.) who come down to Sarasota (in truth to Longboat Key) for a month each year.

They are great folks

We ate at the 1812 Bistro on (South) Osprey St.

Goodness gracious it was a super lunch for the three of us. Good food, freshly made, nothing from a can! My Grouper Fish Tacos were terrific.

N.B. (full disclosure)  I know the owner/chefs Jim Palermo and Adam Palermo from St. Boniface Church. (But if I had not cared
for their food I would be silent - in truth it was great!)

I whispered to Jack and Pat "don't order coffee", not as a judgment on the 1812 brew,  but because I wanted to take them around the corner to Cafe Perq on Hillview St. for some of the best Java which Sarasota offers.

It's expensive, their coffee beans are sourced directly from the farmers, but it is so good that it makes my home brewed coffee taste like dish water (almost!).

Good folks. Good food.

Such a good day!


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