Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Reunited today........

.......... with my i Pad which I left at the T.S.A. security check point at San Antonio International Airport.

This, you must  understand,  was deliberate on my part.  It is a part of my on-going training to become an old coot/old fart/old codger. đŸ˜•

Kudos to the entirely helpful TSA "lost property" agent at S.A. Airport who was so pleasant and gracious when we spoke by telephone.  He found my i Pad within minutes.

Warmest thanks to my San Antonio host Ward Symons who retrieved it from the airport and sent it to me by FedEx.

Good work by FedEx who received it in San Antonio on Monday 25th, and delivered it here on Wednesday 27th.

Just before I left Ward and Kelley's home they gave me a copy of their 2018 Christmas Card which bears a great photo' of them.

I placed it under the cover of my i Pad so that it would not get crumpled in my luggage.

Nice........  'cause this made the identification of my i Pad (probably one of several or many which had been left at the airport) a piece of cake.

Ward and Kelley picture below.

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