Saturday, 30 March 2019

An (affectionate) Welsh joke about their English Overlords.

I heard this joke today on the most estimable Rick Steves' radio programme about travel, on National Public Radio (6:00 a.m. on WUSF in the Sarasota/St. Pete/Tampa area.)

Some of the programme had to do with the joys of travel in North Wales.

Rick Steves' guest was a Welshman with the unlikely name of Martin de Lewandowicz. 

Rick asked him about the historic English antipathy to all things Welsh.

Martin told us that the very word "Wales" has a Germanic language origin meaning "foreigner".

In other words the continental Anglo-Saxon invaders of England were bemused by the existing Celtic population and did not understand them.  So they designated them as foreigners.

Those Celts (Wales, Cornwall, Ireland), down-trodden by the English/Anglo Saxon invaders, used humour as resistance.

Hence this, a joke via Martin de Lewandowicz. 

Welshman with a question.  "Why are the English buried twelve feet underground?

Answer,  by another Welsh citizen."Because deep down they are nice people"

Ha, and ha, and ha!


Welsh flag

English Flag

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