Sunday, 19 January 2020

A supermarket encounter. "I am SO sorry." (and some humour)

Publix, North Beneva Rd

I was at this store the other day, shopping for a bottle of wine from the lower shelves (cheapest wine!).

He, a fifty something "decent looking bloke", was all but crouched down, looking at the shelf with intense concentration, and  blocking my access to the bottle of plonk which had caught my attention.

I waited for two hours or so,  (huma!) and said "excuse me please".

He sprang to his feet and said  "I am SO  sorry".

I grinned and replied "sorry would be enough, you did not need to add the SO".  (In other words, this is not a big deal),

His grin matched mine.  "You are correct", he  said.  We high-fived each other and continued on our merry shopping ways.


I told this tale to my friend Amanda, and she reminded me of this old saw. (Jacob is part of the meme, I have no idea who he is),

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