Wednesday, 22 January 2020

The Strange Energy Of The Universe.

I've been thinking for a couple of weeks about a small fish which my late friend Ben M. liked greatly; a fish which was sometimes sold at our late and lamented Sweetbay supermarkets.

In recent years this fish has not  been available in any local markets, nor could I remember what it was called.

It seemed silly to ask the various fishmongers " I can't remember what they are called,  but do you ever have some of those delicious small fish which are delicious when pan-fried?"

Then the energy of the universe caught wind of my thoughts about this fish, and arranged matters!   So "lo and behold" I saw some this morning,  and bought some at Sarasota's Detwilers Farm Market.

You betcha that I will be pan-frying some for my breakfast tomorrow (Jan 23rd w2020).

How many of you remember what they are called?

How many of you have ever eaten them?

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