Tuesday, 21 January 2020


My first love was Penne

I waited a while after her death before adopting Ben in March 2017

Ben came from Sarasota's Racing Dog Rescue Program in March 2017.   I liked him so much, and can still "feel" his wet nose as we walked, and he nudged my hand.

But this fabulous greyhound had acute separation anxiety when I was not in sight. He bent the bars of his crate inwards (leaving blood from his jaws  on the tiled floor).  I left him in the car one day whilst shopping and he chewed through my driver's seat belt.

That cost me over $400 to replace.  It wasn't about the money, but it was about the money.

The poor boy was so lonely.  He went back to the RDRP and has been re-homed with  a family which already has a Grey.  There he is doing splendidly, 'cause he has a pal!

Greyhound Racing has now been abolished in Florida.

I tried another adoption later in 2017 via the Humane Society of Sarasota County.

This time it was with Izzy, a Catahoula Leopard Dog from Louisiana.

She and I bonded so well.   She loved to sit under my desk where I would massage her with my feet.

But there was a problem.  Izzy, a hunting dog with a strong prey instinct, was bound and determined to do harm (or worse) to my cat.  

I called an Animal Behaviorist from the Humane Society.   He came to my home and ran some tests.  "Oh dear", he said, "Izzy will  never be trained out of her prey instinct - bring her back".  I did so.

He added  "I am going to find you the right dog".  He did! And that's why and how Zion and I hooked up!

(Izzy is doing well on a farm in east Sarasota County)

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