Thursday, 23 January 2020

The Mystery Fish

Kudos to Annie Rogers and Kippy Altini,  they were the winners who identified  SMELT.

I still find it odd that I had been thinking of these fish for a few weeks,  (they were prized by my late good friend Ben Morse), but that I could not remember what they were called until the up and coming Sarasota "Detwilers Farm Market" was selling them a couple of days ago.

Fish is good for Breakfast.  So it was that I pan fried some smelt in olive oil this morning,  until they were crispy.  

This will disgust some of my American friends:  "Crispy" means eating the whole fish  (sans head) --  the skin, bones, tail and flesh - all of it.

Food for the gods I say!


Thinking of smelt (as we all often do! ), there is another delicious fish, smaller even than Smelt. but also delicious.

These are from Lithuania, and are a delicious "snack fish".

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